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Children aged 5 and upwards have their own preparation programme.  Go to the RCIC Page for further information.  Also, if your child is in year 3 or above, he or she may be able to make their First Communion as well as be Baptised.  Please contact the Parish Administrator for further information.

The parents of the child to be baptised are required to attend a Preparation Meeting on the Wednesday before the baptism at 7:30pm in St Mary’s Church. If you are not available on that date, it is best to choose another month for the baptism.  It is good if godparents can also come to the preparation meeting, since their role is as important as that of the parents, but it is not compulsory.  At least one parent must be Catholic.  If you were not baptised in this parish, please provide a copy of your own Baptism certificate or similar evidence.


We have a long list of families on the waiting list for Baptism at present. Please make enquiries via the contact form on this website.

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