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Child Protection (Safeguarding) Policy

St Mary's follows the guidelines for the protection of children issued by Shrewsbury Diocese .

Your attention is drawn to these policies  

Photographs and video images of children

It is the policy of this Parish to allow members of the Catechetical team and others working with the children in the Parish programmes to take photographs and videos showing children taking part in the programme activities.  The photos and videos will be used in Parish publications such as the Newsletter, the website and notice boards.


Children will not be identified by name without their parent or guardians written permission.  We hope that you are happy with this Policy.

You must write to us if:

  • You DO NOT want your child's photograph to be taken

  • You DO NOT want your child to be included in any videos

Data protection
To comply with data protection legislation we confirm:

  • That any information you have provided through this website may be retained by the parish of St Mary's and incorporated into an electronic file.

  • That information may be made available by the parish of St Mary's, at its discretion, to any person or body assisting with its First Communion programme.

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