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Update (8th December) The 4pm Christmas Eve Mass will be open for booking soon. It is unlikely that you will be granted 3-4 seats. We only have 7 benches that take 3-4 at each Mass. Please think carefully before you make your booking. Like all parishes throughout the world, we will be unable to provide room in the inn for everyone this year.

Update (4th December) Kindly refrain from making repeat bookings with the same requests. Such repeat bookings will be deleted. Parishioners will be contacted after 8 December to either confirm or state that their booking has not been successful. If your booking is not successful (due to the number of seats you have requested) you will be notified and only then may you make a new booking.   

Update (3rd December) There are no benches with 4 seats available at 6pm and 8pm Mass on Christmas Eve. There are also no benches with 3 places at those Masses. A new 4pm Christmas Eve Mass will be added to the booking system sometime on Tuesday 8 December. 

Update (3rd December) It will take time to process bookings. You may only book a maximum of 4 seats. We cannot guarantee that you will be given all the seats you request. We now aim to process bookings during the week beginning 7th December. 


  • You may only book one Christmas Mass.

  • Family groups and bubbles up to a maximum of 4 people can be accommodated in this one booking. Seats for 4 are limited!

  • You must complete all the details on the booking form.

  • Please state two preference for a Christmas Mass.

  • Face coverings are compulsory for entry into Saint Mary’s church. If you have a health exemption from wearing one, we regret to say that we are unable to grant entry to anyone who does not wear a face-covering!

  • There will be no public singing in church this Christmas.

  • The toilets remain closed in accordance with Public Health rules.

  • If you are bringing a baby who will sit on your knee throughout Mass, you do not need to book a separate seat for them.

  • If you need to cancel, you must inform us immediately.






  • We will contact you within five days to confirm the Mass you will be attending and the number of seats we have agreed on.

  • Once we have confirmed your booking, If you (your guests) have special mobility/wheelchair needs, please let us know as soon as possible, via email preferably.

  • When your booking is confirmed you will be required to arrive 45 minutes before the start of the Mass you have been allotted. There are no exceptions to this!

  • Should another Christmas Mass be added to our Christmas Eve/Day schedule, you will not be able to change your booking!

  • You must remain in your seat throughout the Mass and follow the stewards' instructions throughout.

  • Once you have received Holy Communion our stewards will direct you to the disabled access exit where your hands will be sanitised as you leave the church.

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