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The Basics:

  • All enquries regarding the booking of the Church for Weddings should be made through Helena Jarecka (Personal Assistant to the Parish Priest) (Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-2pm 01270 212533)


  • You will be required to contact Crewe Registry Office tel:  0300 123 5019, approximately three months before your Wedding to give notice of marriage. We require a copy of the Civil Form when you receive it. There is a charge for this by the Registry Office of approximately £35 per person. We have our own Civil Registrar who will register your Marriage on the day of your Wedding. She will also be present at your Wedding Rehearsal. Her fee is £50 which should be presented at the Wedding Rehearsal.

  • You will be invited to take part in a Marriage Preparation Course as part of your preparations. These are normally held on a Saturday from 10am-4pm. You will be forwarded a booking form in due course.  The fee for this is usually £90.

  • Please discuss the music and hymns and readings for your wedding with Father Jerome. The church does not possess a licence for the playing of secular music. You may wish to book our excellent organist John Axon on 212574. He will advise you of his fees for the day (£80). We also have a wonderful soloist to sustain your hymns, Janet Baccelliere (£80) who can be contacted on 252509.

  • You may wish to consider using our own church florist, Rachel from Ruby Doodles Florists for your floral displays and arrangements.  She can be contacted on 01270 749229 and will be able to give you a free consultation and advise you of costs.

  • The recommended donation to the Church for the Wedding is £300 and this along with the fees for the organist and/or soloist should be presented to Father Jerome in separate envelopes at the Wedding rehearsal. The date for the rehearsal will be decided when you meet Father Jerome for your final preparation meeting.


Documents required


  • If you have been Baptised, we require an up to date copy of your Baptism Certificate which can be obtained by contacting your Parish of Baptism. If you were baptised at Saint Mary’s, we will find your details in our records. The same applies to the Sacrament of Confirmation if you have received it.

  • If you reside outside Saint Mary’s Parish and are a baptised Catholic, we will require a Letter of Freedom from your Parish Priest 

  • You will be required to meet with our Parish Priest, Father Jerome, usually 3-4 months prior to the wedding, to fill out the Marriage Preparation Form. This enables us to advise you of your freedom to Marry in the Church and to seek dispensations from our Diocese of Shrewsbury where necessary


Some Final Notes:


  • Please inform Helena Jarecka (Personal Assistant to the Parish Priest) if you need to change or cancel your booking. (Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-2pm 01270 212533)

  • The basic guidance for Photographers is that so long as they are not noticed by Father Jerome, they are doing an excellent job. At no time may they walk onto the Sanctuary, which is the marbled area before the altar.

  • Confetti may not be used near the doors of the Church. We always clean the church for your wedding and would appreciate it if you could help to keep the Church as clean at the end of the celebration. If you have ushers distributing flowers, please ensure that they remove all containers at the end of the celebration.


St Mary's has qualified as a finalist in the Ceremony Provider category at the 2020 North West Wedding Awards. Thank you to the brides who nominated us.

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